Restore Your Balance Quickly And Easily By Unblocking Qi Flow

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You may be wondering how does the concept of Qi apply to the human body? According to AOM, Qi circulates through the body in pathways called meridians or channels. The role of an Acupuncturist is to smooth and adjust the transportation of Qi through these pathways. Qi flows in channels like water in a large irrigations system, so by needling certain points, an acupuncturist works to make sure there are no blockages along the irrigation system. We talk you through the process a qualified acupuncturist uses to locate points given people have such different shapes and sizes. And discuss how big is an acupuncture point – answering the questions you might be curious about: How does an acupuncturist locate such a small point? How many acupuncture points are there? How many points would you expect to be needled in an average acupuncture session?

About this series: Discover why acupuncture is everywhere. It’s being used in battle field, fertility clinics and veterinary medicine treating anything from racehorses to your pet dog or cat. But there is confusion about how it could be useful for so many things? Discover the ancient secrets about far east Asian medicine which is an advanced and sophisticated form of natural therapy, using the body’s natural resources to restore balance. Unlike modern medicine, which tries to fix the body like a mechanic fixing a machine, Acupuncture is about establishing a balance between the two opposing and complementary forces in nature: yin and yang. Learn how the complex system of acupuncture and oriental medicine looks at the interconnections between everything in our bodies

In traditional Chinese medicine, meridian is a path through which the life-energy qi

Life-energy qi