Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnostic Techniques include:


The radial artery of both wrists are felt for noticeable changes in speed, strength ,softness and tightness. These variations will reveal disturbances of internal functions for instance if you are feeling agitated, tense in the neck and shoulder, often angry or easily brought to tears ,have frequent headaches or suffer from painful periods. Your pulse will feel tight and wiry and will reveal a state of tension and stress in the liver channel.

Tongue Observation

Here we look at the shape, moisture, cracks, colour and coating. A dry and cracked tongue will reveal a deficiency in body fluids of the body resulting in dryness throughout the body. Have you noticed that when you have had stomach pain and fullness, reflux, diarrhea or constipation that your tongue coating is thick and fury. The diagnosis is a blockage in the stomach and spleen channel

Channel Palpation

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, channels, also referred to as meridians, criss-cross the entire body connecting the internal environment to the superficial skin, flesh and muscular layers. In particular the extremities, abdomen and spinal muscles will reflect the internal state of Qi, blood, circulation and organ function. For example, if you have a history of chronic lower back pain your musculature across your lower back will often show as flaccid and weak and often a soft emptiness is felt in the lower abdomen. Accordingly this strongly suggests a deeper level of weakness of the kidney channel.