Nabih Moussa

Nabih gained a B.A. from the U.N.S.W. Australia majoring in Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science in 1976. He Graduated in T.C.M. from the International College of Oriental Medicine England in 1980. In 1982, Nabih completed his hospital internship with a Diploma in Acupuncture from Nanjing, China.

Nabih continues to study with eminent practitioners and educators from Europe, China, Japan and the U.S. including studies in Chinese Herbs, Shiatsu, Massage, Qi Gong, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Core Strength Exercise. He keeps up to date with recent developments through continuing Professional Development Programs.

Nabih has taught at Nature Care College of Naturopathy, East-West Shiatsu Centre, Australasian College of Naturopathy, Sydney College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In the early 80′s Nabih established the successful Natural Healthworks Clinic, located in the heart of the city. He was a pioneer in establishing a multi-disciplinary health practice using Western medicine, Chinese and Western Herbs, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nabih has appeared in numerous magazine articles, television and radio interviews. Including the Article Nabih Moussa Sydney Morning Herald, Channel Nine’s “What’s Good For You” and Triple J.

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Nabih Moussa