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I have never had such a fast recovery as I did after Nabih's acupuncture

Having suffered with shin splints on and off for years and trying various remedies to resolve them I have never had such a fast recovery as I did following acupuncture. I woke on Saturday morning and could not feel any of the stabbing pain as I walked down the stairs and I went for a run on Sunday afternoon (bare feet) and have not received any adverse affects. I will admit to being slightly sceptical and apprehensive about acupuncture before visiting you, but I am a total convert now! Thank you again Nabih.

Nabih an extremely caring, thoughtful and sensitive acupuncturist!

I have having massage and acupuncture treatments with Nabih Moussa for more than 20 years. He's massages are blissful! He is also an extremely caring, thoughtful and sensitive acupuncturist. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Great advice and perfect service!

Great advice and perfect service.

I’m very happy to recommend Nabih and Henry.

I’ve lived a pretty full-on life. Skiing black slopes, white water canoeing and rafting, surfing, diving, caving, motorcycle sports, martial arts. You name it and i’ve probably tried it. I've copped some pretty nasty injuries i can tell you. From broken bones (leg, ribs, fingers, toes) to torn ligaments and muscles and so many bruises and scrapes and cuts they’d just fade into a blur of memory but for the scars. And that’s just the physical side. I’ve also experienced all the ups and downs a full life can dish out - having a family and raising three amazing sons then break-up and wandering into and out of relationships until the family i now have. All of the joys that life brings are balanced against all of the pain that can come too and you know when you are down the world looks pretty bleak. And of course there is work. Somehow i always seem to find myself in incredibly stressful occupations. I guess that’s my own fault - i seek out challenge and embrace it with the tenacity of terrier. Like i said, i’m 60. I still ride a big bike. I still take on too much work. I still tackle physical activities with vigour. I still juggle family, friends and work. Call me stupid or call me blessed. I’ve been endowed with a pretty good constitution. I’ve always been pretty healthy. I’ve not had to spend much time seeing doctors or taking time off work. But every once in a while, when i’ve pushed the envelope too far, i need help. If it’s bad enough i’ll go see a doctor first. If it’s worse someone will carry me to a doctor. My son’s a doctor and one of my best friends is a doctor so i recon i know a bit about doctors. Inevitably though i’m left with recovery. Pain, discomfort, weakness, incapacitation. That’s when i find that i just have to turn to Nabih or Henry for help. I’ve known them a long time - since the days when they were just starting out on their careers in acupuncture and massage. They have got steadily better and better at what they do. Now they are masters. A master of massage is not like those Thai massage girls we go to for a nice foot massage. He’s not like those Chinese Masseurs we pop into for a 10 minute neck rub at Paddy’s Market. A master of massage is someone who sees and hears with his hands. Who’s hands instantly know their way to where they must go to bring relief and healing. Hands guided by many years of learning the intricacies of the human body, hands guided by wisdom and a deep understanding of a world of suffering and pain. Nabih is also a master of acupuncture. He has been guiding his needles to the aid of people for decades. There’ve been times when i’ve been so incapacitated that i thought i’d never be functional again. But always there was Nabih - there to lift me out and send me on my way again. There are probably thousands of great masseurs in the world. There are probably thousands of really good acupuncturists. But i have known only a few people who have reached mastery. I’m very happy to recommend Nabih and Henry.

Professional, personable, knowledgeable and just all around great people.

I've been seeing Nabih Moussa for over 3 years and absolutely love him and his staff. They are so professional, personable, knowledgeable and just all around great people. I work at a computer 8 hours a day and keep all my stress in my upper back and shoulders. Nabih does wonders and makes me feel "normal" again. I recommend this place to everyone I come in contact with at work or in daily life. They all love his work and keep going back, which says a lot about Sydney Acupuncture & Massage.