Cupping is used therapeutically to draw blood flow to areas where there is acute blockage of Qi and Blood. It is often applied to stiff and painful neck and shoulder, lower back pain, hamstring, calf or groin strains, corks, bruising and general sports injuries, tightness in the chest and ribcage.

Cupping has become increasingly popular over the years as the public is exposed to elite sports athletes presenting a collection of bruised rings across their backs, arms or leg while watching their favoured sports events.

Although you can have cupping as a stand alone therapy often times I will recommend it in conjunction with either acupuncture or massage treatment. Cupping will bring about a general sense of ease and relief from stiffness and pain but when combined the therapeutic response is much greater. Pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder and or back is often reduced by 60%. Patients will get off the table commenting on how loose and free they feel that they can now straighten their back, bend further to touch their toes or put their shoes on, turn their head without restriction and pain.

The monkey is off their back

Cupping is used to increase flow and improve circulation. This dynamic not only affects and treats the muscular system but also the respiratory system the qi system. The lungs are prone to congestion and this a form of qi and mucus stagnation with symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, tightness in the chest, excess phlegm and mucus, asthma, bronchitis . Cupping the upper back between the shoulder blades for twenty minutes will often give profound results. It is common for patients to be amazed at the immediate relief from their symptoms and comment that their chest is expansive, breathing is longer, deeper and easier. Again cupping can be used on its own but in this situation it would be preferable to combine with acupuncture.

Cupping will leave you bruised and this is a positive therapeutic response. It’s not painful and the bruises will diminish and clear within a few days.

Cupping Info Sheet