Moxbustion is the application of heat to acupuncture points or sensitive locations on the body. Moxibustion warms and stimulates blood and qi circulation, removes obstruction of the channels and eliminates cold and damp in muscles and joints. This is very effective in managing the symptoms of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, lower back pain , frozen shoulder. Other conditions that respond to heat such as poor circulation, stomach pain and period pain are commonly treated with moxibustion.

What we see in clinic is that the stimulus provided by heating the acupuncture points improves vitality resulting in general improvement of body function whether it be the immune system, reproductive, sexual, digestive or muscular skeletal system.

Some examples ..If a persons tongue is pale, their pulse is slow and they present with stomach pain and loose bowels the condition is Chinese diagnosis is cold and deficiency in the Digestive system. Moxibustion together with acupuncture and a “ warming” diet would be recommended to achieve excellent results.

Similarly if someone is asthmatic and their condition is worse in the winter months or the cold night air together with clear mucus and a pale complexion the Chinese diagnosis here is deficiency and cold in the Lungs moxibustion with acupuncture and again a warming diet would produce superior results.

The other important benefit of moxibustion is that I will often give my patients a Moxi roll to use at home for a few minutes in between sessions. By having more frequent home treatments a better outcome results. This is also a cost saving to the patient.

As an example I will always give someone with a sprained ankle 48 hours post injury a stick of moxi to be used for five minutes at a time on a daily basis at home.

Not only is moxibustion therapeutic but it feels wonderful, warming and comforting. Legend has it that by using moxibustion on a daily basis for a few minutes at a time on the point Suzanli St36, just below the knee on the outside border of the tibia bone, will enhance longevity. As with most legends this advice has some merit . There is clinical evidence that stimulation of this point creates a strong measurable immune response. This point in the modern clinic is extensively used to regulate and strengthen a challenged immune system be it from the affects of cancer treatment, auto immune disease or HIV.

Moxibustion therapy is an excellent substitute for those who are overly sensitive to needle stimulation, children and the frail.