Acupuncture: Migraine sufferers get help without side affects

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Acupuncture treatment vs drug treatment for migraine

In a recent Systematic Review sourced from the prestigious Cochrane Library*
The review states that “Acupuncture was slightly better at helping control episodic migraines when compared to standard drug treatment.

They report that acupuncture reduces headache frequency, more people respond and fewer people experience adverse side effects

Here at Sydney Acupuncture and Massage CBD for over 40 years, we have been providing affordable acupuncture treatment with consistently effective results for the relief and management of migraines.

**The Cochrane Library is a collection of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in medicine and other health care specialties provided by Cochrane and other organisations

Acupuncture for the prevention of episodic migraine

Acupuncture is often used for migraine prevention but its effectiveness is still controversial. We present an update of our Cochrane review from 2009. The available evidence suggests that adding acupuncture to the symptomatic treatment of attacks reduces the frequency of headaches.

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Migraine sufferers get help without side affects

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