Many IVF clinics around the world are now using acupuncture as an adjunct to improve the outcomes for successful conception, pregnancy and birth of a baby.

A study at the University of Adelaide found a growing body of research that suggests acupuncture may help with improving pregnancy outcomes for people undergoing IVF treatment. Dr Caroline Smith, who conducted the first single blind and controlled randomised acupuncture trial in the University of Adelaide fertility clinic Repromed, said: “Our study showed encouraging results with an increase in the pregnancy rate in the acupuncture group (31% versus 23% in the control group) among women having an embryo transfer.

Fertility specialist Dr Gavin Sacks of IVF Australia says “on balance the research shows there may be a benefit. Some IVF clinics have taken it up…I don’t tell women they should have acupuncture but if they ask what they can do to improve their chances, I encourage them to try it”


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have been used for centuries with the aim to improve fertility. It is thought to be effective in:

  • promoting circulation to the ovaries to improve egg quality
  • regulates hormonal release and ovulation
  • regulates periods
  • treats painful periods, excess bleeding, endometriosis
  • vaginal discharge and infections
  • fallopian tube blockages and adhesions
  • PMS

Male fertility is thought to be enhanced by:

  • improving sperm quality and count
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Prostatitis and urinary disorders are regularly seen with a degree of positive outcomes

Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Research from Yale University published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found acupuncture to significantly reduce back and pelvic muscle pain.