Sports Massage

Sports Massage

This is the path to efficiency, stamina and strength.

Sports preparation and recovery; especially beneficial before a competition and after the event.

Preparation: Be prepared for training and competition. Our sports treatment is effective for old injuries, scar tissue, joint pain, muscle spasms, sore Trigger Points and tight muscles

In Training: Have you over-trained, muscles are tired, hard to increase stretch, feel you can do more, even after rest? Our treatments help increase your stamina and strength for better performance.

Post Event: After a sporting event, it’s important to massage the lactic acid out of the muscle, a major cause of tiredness, soreness and stiffness. Resolve any muscular and joint issues you may have, to make sure your in top condition for training and the next event.

Increase your performance for Xtreme sports ultra-marathon, mountain climbing, snow boarding, etc.

We treat those injuries whether recent or past, eliminate lactic acid and soften scar tissue.

For your muscles to be relaxed and in optimum performance mode with a much less chance of reinjury, Sports Massage during training is important, and for recovery after sports events like the City to Surf , Marathon or ½ Marathons, after gym, running or cycling or for the lighter exercise or yoga, walking and dance.