My training with Robert Doane in Washington

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I've come to Poulsbo Seattle Washington to train with Robert Doane in a dramatically different style of acupuncture. After attending his four day workshop, in Sydney January 2015, I was compelled to change my method of treatment and pursue further training at his clinic in Poulsbo USA.

What inspired me and drove me to completely rethink my acupuncture method was the remarkable and consistent results that he achieved with his patients. Whether patients presented with acute pain, severe restriction in movement or chronic and debilitating pain were, within minutes of needle insertion, pain free and with a greater range of movement. The expression on the faces of these patient was a joy to see.

After three weeks of intensive training at the Acupuncture and Wellness Centre I am confident in delivering this radically new acupuncture procedure. I am looking forward to using this in my clinic and to witness the benefits it will bring to my patients. I am especially looking forward to the looks on my patients faces when they experience the astounding results that this acupuncture can offer.

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Robert Doane

Robert Doane